I am a photographer and videographer based in Montreal who spend his life taking pictures and at the photography studio The Image Salon, where I work as an photo editor, alongside some of the best wedding and lifestyle photographers in the world.

Back in time I was based in Spain, where I spent much of my professional years working in photography and film production . This experience allowed me to cultivate a unique & personal eye that creates stunning imaginary.

Seeking to grow as a professional photographer, I decided to come to Montreal where I move forward to work on new projects.

Like what you see? Feel free to say hi!

adrian.morillo.gonzalez@gmail.com / 514 813 4361






South Street Photographers. Collective Exhibition. Seville. 2017

Nexofoto Iberoamerican photography contest. Finalist. Catalogue. 2017

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Nexofoto Iberoamerican photography contest. Finalist. Catalogue. 2016

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Jondo. Solo exhibition. Cádiz University. Vicerrectorado de Proyección Internacional y Cultural. Spain. Catalogue. 2015

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Desencaja photography Andalucia contest. Finalist. Collective exposition. Spain. Catalogue. 2012

I MadPhoto photography school scolarship. Honorable mention. Collective exposition. Scolarship. 2012  




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Portrait by Daniel Kudish