Garbage Disposal Plumbing Repair

Whoever created the garbage disposal was a saint. Think back over what it was like living without one. You had to throw all of your leftovers in the trash. The trash would start stinking within a day. It was awful. The garbage disposal has brought tons of ease to our life and it is well worth investing in one in your home.

However, if it goes out, then you surely know it. We have had to fix lots of garbage disposals. They are tricky because of their location underneath the sink. They are usually in tight spaces. We get lots of calls particular if they have come to a stop or there is leaking underneath the sink.

We help people with just some practical ways that they can get some things fixed so that they do not have to call their local plumber. Let’s look at a couple of ways that we can help you with your garbage disposal problems.

Garbage disposal jammed- This is a common problem. This occurs usually when something gets stuck in the garbage disposal. You will find that lots of things can cause your disposal to get stuck. It can be spoons, general metal things that fall down, nuts, hard things that you eat that can be difficult to get down. What do you do if your disposal gets jammed? Lots of people do what they shouldn’t do. They stick there fingers down into it. This is extremely dangerous. There have been so many accidents from people doing this. This is a no brainer to be able to say stop doing this. So how do you fix it? I have seen lots of different people approach this in terms of trying to fix it. I have seen some people take broom handles and put down in it to get the spinner to turn. Sometimes this actually will work. However, sometimes you will find it doesn’t. The makers of the disposal had thought through this problem. They created a means by which to turn it when it is stuck. If you look underneath the disposal, you will find a place for an allen wrench to fit. Find the appropriate Allen Wrench. Use the wrench to spin it around. Sometimes it will take a lot of work. Sometimes it won’t. We have found that this website is helpful with all of your plumbing needs-

Garbage Disposal Leaking- We have found this has happened just when someone has installed it or if it is older and starting to wear out. Sometimes you have to take the whole disposal out in order to fix it. Usually, the play dough type seal has gotten weak. You can simply go to your local Ace Hardware Store and get it. They will know exactly what you need.

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